In his life, Ulisses has worked with a vast range of different materials. Youngest of an architect, had the chance to work a period with diverse themes and methods. His first solid experience with wood was in California where he studied basic cabinet-making and sculpture skills in he's teen's. In time becoming selftaught specializing in wooden artifacts.
    Willing to improve his skills and knowledge, he traveled abroad and had experiences in some of the most advanced centers of conservation and restoration in the world. The Smithsonian Institute, USA; Riksantikvaren / ICCROM, Norway; The West Dean College/ West Sussex Univestity, England and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA.
    He was the first brazilian to be accepted in these centers in this field and member of the American Institute for Conservation on the Wooden Artifacts Specialty Group. The natural gender of the work implies in several disciplines such as; physics, chemistry, biology, art history, painting, drawing, sculpture, lab analysis, etc. Wood and its periferic materials, remain the main focus.